Performance Part Installation

Upgrading and modifying vehicles is passion that grows from within. The entire staff at BBI is extremely passionate about improving vehicles performance in every category. Our factory certified trained technicians are able to professional install types of performance upgrades including but not limited to:

- Exhaust Systems
- Brake Systems
- Suspension Components
- Induction Components
- Forced Induction Systems
- Safety Equipment
- Mount & Balance Wheels and Tires

Wheel Alignment & Corner Balancing

Along the path of upgrading your vehicle, it is imperative to ensure that the vehicles alignment is on point. Having a vehicle out of alignment can cause several different issues which can negatively affect overall handling, steering and premature tire wear. Our skilled suspension engineers apply the same experience and techniques used in award winning Lemans Championships to our clients vehicles. Whether you have upgraded your wheels & tires, coilovers or preparing your vehicle for an upcoming track event, we are able to correctly align and balance your vehicle per application.

For further information regarding our services, please call us at 714-843-0200

4-Wheel Alignment & Corner Balance - $650
*Additional Height Adjustment and other adjustments have added cost*

Suspension Tuning

Correctly setting up and tuning suspension is not something that can be learned in a book or in a class room. We have perfected the art of suspension tuning with several years of experience with numerous Championship Winning ALMS Race Cars. All of the knowledge that has been gained with our successful racing background has trickled down to our street and track components and setups. Whether you are looking to improve the handling for your canyon warrior, or if you are a club racer looking to win your next weekends race; our skilled suspension engineers are here to service you. For more information, please contact us.

Engine Building

Here at BBI Autosport, we strive to constantly raise the bar by developing proven and reliable engines for all types of applications. Our In-House Engine Program has produced some of the most powerful Porsche engines reaching up to 1,500hp reliably. We provide several different proven power solutions for Naturally Aspirated and Turbo Applications. BBI built engines have been able to set records on the race track with our GT3 Race Motors, to Pikes Peak with our Twin Turbo Race Motors, to the Texas Mile. Whether you are looking for a more reliable motor to handle more power, to a scheduled engine refresh for your Cup Car Motor, we are able to cater to all of your needs!

For more information on some of our different programs, please contact us.

Race Car Preparation

There is a famous quote that says "Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail". BBI was created after having its founders be key components to several ALMS Race Car Championships. Our extensive experience in professional race circuits and series is available for all of our racing clients. We are constantly preparing vehicles for major racing series and events including:

- Club Racing
- Drag Racing (1/4, 1/2, and 1 Mile)
- Hill Climb Racing (Pikes Peak)
- And several specialized races

Our team is here to be by your side to help assist you to your success whether it is your weekends POC race or with your for your entire series! Please contact us for more information.

Custom Fabrication

BBI Autosport's motto is Passion.Artistry.Craft. We pride ourselves on our In-House Fabrication Department which develops arguably the highest quality products in our industry. With over 30+ years of combined experience in the aftermarket performance world, we have seen all different ranges of quality in today's performance parts. And it was very clear that we needed to raise the bar and bring back artistry and craft into the equation.

Our Fabrication department offers it's services to custom fabricated exhaust systems, to state of the art safety equipment. Every single BBI Product is hand fabricated in house to ensure the highest amount of quality control and perfection. Our In-House Fabrication services are available to all of our clients. For more information regarding custom fabrication, please contact us.

Regular Scheduled Maintenance

Dealing with the dealerships can sometimes be more of hassle than it is worth. Whether you have a modified vehicle, car out of warranty, or simply want to work with a local independent shop, BBI can assist in your maintenance. Our factory trained technicians are extremely experienced in all categories of vehicle repairs and service, including all major and minor services. We specialize in the following manufacturers:

- Porsche
- Audi
- Lamborghini
- Ferrari

For more information regarding maintenance or repairs, please contact us at 1.714.843.0200